In my opinion everyone should have a beautiful way to remember life’s most Important day

In a world where everyone carries a megapixel camera in their pocket, capturing precious moments with quality and authenticity is becoming rare day by day. However, when it comes to photos and videos to attract clients, capture events such as pre wedding, product launch or a having a business portraits professionally captured content are really important

I invite you to journey with me in bringing your story to life

I come from an Indian army background, which meant my parents had to relocate every 3rd year. Different school, new classmates, new neighborhood. So wanderlust was an inbuilt ability.

For the love of travel and food in 2009 I enrolled into Hospitality Management School in Chennai, and the three years I spent in college gave me an in-depth insight into this beautiful industry.

Fast forward to 2013, I found myself working for an international airline.

Traveling and photographing the world and then sharing it back with the world.

During this process, I polished my social media skills, learned about analytics, and developed my own strategy tool to help brands grow online.

Now I am a licensed freelancer based in Abu Dhabi.


I believe in the concept that buying a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer; it makes you the owner of one. Photography is far more intricate, now it’s not limited to making memories but capturing lives and making them immortal.


Whether it is your special moment or you just want to pose.

Whether you're looking for a professional food or product photographer.

Let me know if you want me to handle your social media account or create a social media strategy here in Singh's Creative Lab I will be able to create a social media strategy for your channel.

For projects across UAE, prints or just to say ‘hi’ don't forget to check the inquiry page below.