11 things I wish I knew before coming to Abu Dhabi

Several decades ago, this place was tenanted by fishermen and pearl collectors, but this all changed in the late nineteen sixties when they found large deposits of oil. What you see now is the luxurious Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates comprises seven Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the largest of all. It inhabits 87% of the integrated territory. It records about two-third of the estimated 400 billion dollars UAE economy. Which indeed makes Abu Dhabi the luxurious of all the capitals. The center of the city is a wedge-shaped island that is associated with the mainland by the bridges. It is a well-oriented dynamic city with a pleasant waterside location.

Abu Dhabi is full of attractions that legitimately captivate the eyes of the tourist and visitors. With everything from traditional experiences to shopping complexes. Abu Dhabi has a history and heritage, meets innovation and intelligence. It's descent and artistry.

Abu Dhabi is where adventures command every turn, where senses inflame from first courses to first light. Where the splendid games are played, and the remarkable champions are crowned. This city takes the booming thrills to the sky and touches the stars.

The celebrations in Abu Dhabi blow the minds of the visitors and sparkle the eyes of the beholder. The green links and the turquoise water is exceptionally a visual treat to your eyes. A trip to such a place where excitement and joy stray free and wild is a must-have.

Things to know before you go

The Climate

Abu Dhabi has a hot, humid desert climate, and it never rains, well, almost. In summers from May to August, it makes you feel like a sauna because it's hot and humid at that instance. With temperatures over 40 degrees celsius on many days. It does not count as a surprise that summers are sweltering and humid here. To escape from this fact, you can use convenient air conditioning bus stops. Yes, the city is this luxurious.

When should you plan

The best time to visit this city is in the winter season, or you can say a so-called winter season from November till March. The climate is pretty much moderate and pleasant. This time the time when most tourists arrive. Also, do a keep check onto the Ramadan season. Visiting Abu Dhabi in the month of Ramadan may not be justice to your vacation. During Ramadan, the rules get a little rigid, no drinking and hogging in public places until dawn.

The UAE Currency

Dirham is the UAE's legally used currency. 500 dirham is approximately equal to 10,000 INR. You can convert your currency at Abu Dhabi airport, or there are many money exchange firms in the city located centrally. It is better to restore your coins at a legal money exchange firm as they charge fewer money exchange commissions. You can also use your atm card to withdraw the money, but you have to pay 26 dirhams (520 INR) as a withdrawal commission at every transaction. However, your debit and credit cards are also valid.

The UAE Laws to consider

Eating and drinking on any public transport are strictly prohibited in UAE. If you do so, you'll be charged a fine of 100 dirhams approximately. Clicking pictures of restricted areas, courts, and basically without permission can charge you a considerable penalty. You cannot throw trash on public roads. Showing public affection with your partner is also not acceptable. Laws here are rigid and straight.

Sort out your travel details

Abu Dhabi is a very connected city you can fly in directly from many countries. The Abu Dhabi emergency crisis and disasters committee issued new cover guidelines for tourists on December 22, 2020. After the pandemic restrictions over-tourism, tourists can now enter the capital from December 24. Here is a list of safety travel details you might know to visit the city.

The Norms To Follow.

Tourists from green countries are not required to quarantine themselves. Presenting a negative PCR test received in 72 hours of departure is mandatory. As soon as you land, it is necessary to go through the second PCR test. However, you have to isolate yourself until you receive the results.

Countries At Relief

The countries that are on the green list

  • Australia

  • Bhutan

  • Brunei

  • China

  • Greenland

  • Hong Kong region (China)

  • Iceland

  • Israel

  • Mauritius

  • Morocco

  • New Zealand

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Singapore

  • South Korea.

However, this list will change in correspondence to the situation. You must take a COVD-19 PCR test on day 6 and day 12 of your arrival in Abu Dhabi

Isolation Period

The quarantine time for travelers coming from other countries is 7 days ( From 24 April 2021, you’ll only be required to quarantine for seven days if you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19. To be fully vaccinated, 28 days must have passed since your final dose of the vaccine.)

The Flights And Visa Policy

There are plenty of direct flights available, and you can choose the options that fit you best in terms of timing and budget. The sooner you book your flight, the better deals you get. Booking about three to four months before in advance will do good. Sometimes you may get some last minutes deals, but as mentioned, sometimes. The prices merely depend upon the airlines, class, and when you booked the flight. Taking about the visa requirements for British and American citizens, there is a visa on arrival. Indians with a valid US visa can also get a visa on arrival in Abu Dhabi. If you don't have a US visa, you can also apply for a visa, which usually takes around a span of seven to fourteen working days. A 14 days visa is enough if you are a tourist.

The Most Eye Captivating Tourist Destinations.

Abu Dhabi has such immense destinations, which has gathered all the attention of tourists worldwide. Here are 11 destinations summarized below that a tourist to Abu Dhabi must visit.

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The most thrilling tourist attraction is The Ferrari World. This is a theme park inspired by the world's famous Italian car brand and is a perfect place to visit with the family. If you are a person who is into adventures and cars, this is the destination for you. It has everything accommodated from exhibitions to kid's rides. It has something for everyone. This park has some of the fastest coasters in the world. Some roller coasters covering the speed of approximately 230 km/h in less than ten seconds are presented there. One visit to The Ferrari World will enthrill your souls out.

Hop On Hop Off Bus.

The hop-on-hop-off bus in Abu Dhabi is a great way to see all you want to witness in the capital. Home to amazing architectures, ace museums, and skyscrapers. Visit all the highlights of Abu Dhabi Go through with your best time in Abu Dhabi by traveling in the conditioned buses. You can observe all the tourist attractions. The bus also serves you with an open roof bus experience.


Emirates Park Zoo

This is a beautiful zoo that incorporates everything from aquariums. You can witness everything in one place. Animal feeding sessions and birds sessions gather the attention of the visitors. There are over 1600 animals in the zoo from widely different species. However, there are many shading areas in zoos and an innovatory moisture system that keeps animals and visitors moderate during hot summers. You can feed animals here and watch different animal shows.

Jumeirah Etihad Towers Observation Deck.

Escalate to the top of Abu Dhabi's and see the radiant Arabian cape by visiting the Etihad Towers Observation Deck. It is centrally located, so you can easily access the tower from anywhere. You can even stay in Abu Dhabi's tallest building and experience all the generous 5-star hotel benefits.

It is located where tourists can stand above the city up to 300 meters and look at the beautiful eye captivating view. You can see the Persian Gulf and the Arabian desert gleaming underneath. The cherry on the cake, this spot offers you high tea and snacks to accompany your view.

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld has astonishing rides for everyone despite any age group they are from and is indeed an excellent place for families to cope with the heat of warm days in Abu Dhabi. It is known as one of the admirable water parks around the globe, accommodating 43 rides. The ride Bubble's Barrel is being the most thrilling ride of all. Occupying a space of 37 acres with all sorts of water is indeed a great way to escape from the sun and cool yourself down.

The Desert Safari

There are several preferences through which you can scrutinize the deserts. The most convenient way for you is the desert safari. Here you can try out bumpy camel rides, sandboarding, or riding dune buggies, etc. Watching the sunrise over the golden shimmery dunes will make your rides indeed memorable.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi has one of the largest mosques in the world, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, being one of them. In this mosque, there is a wall that faces Mecca and has names of Allah engraved over the wall in 99 different ways. It has 82 domes around the courtyard. All the details, colors, and marble are incredible to witness. This is indeed one of the most famous tourist spots. It is made from 15 different white marble from distinct counties. The central mosque dome has a width of 100 feet. It has the largest hand-made carpet over which the visitors walk over gazing world's most enormous chandeliers. The fascinating architecture makes it a magnificent attraction.

Souk Central Market

When you are on vacation, shopping is the most prominent thing to do. One of the best places in the city is to shop from The Central Market. It is a historic market, offering some great antiques and perfumes.

There are many historical shops in the market where you can find some fantastic clothes to savor.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

It was made in 2017, assembling the city as more traditional and sensational. It has beautiful and breathtaking architecture, which makes it building itself an artistic building. It is known as a universal museum.

The collection of the museum has an astonishing array of works by some of the historic sculptors.

The museum works are sorted sequentially, which acknowledges that you will see the works from ancient Egypt with adjacent pieces from Asia and Europe. It honors the association between people and their cultures around the world.

The Yellow boats

It is usually a 90 minutes yellow boat tour being one of the best ways to see the real Abu Dhabi. You can tour down the waves of Abu Dhabi shorelines and see the city from another new perspective. You can behold and see the skyscrapers, which are still fragmented in pieces, the passes along the palaces, grand fisherman houses, beach fronts, and many more.

The Heritage Village

This village will let you know about the history of Abu Dhabi. While some of the tribes of Arab lived in deserts, some lived on mountains. It has traditional rock mountain homes, the souk, a marketplace where people come to trade all sorts of goods representing this, the village also has a traditional market space. Standing inside the town, you can see the modern city skyline, representing the connection between heritage history and the present.

Being the most desirable place for tourists to visit, Abu Dhabi has paced into the tourism industry. The golden glittering dunes, such a treat to the eyes. Abu Dhabi has carved its name as one of the most potent economic development leaders in The Middle East's history. Owning an extremely assorted portfolio in tourism Abu Dhabi's industry is a place where history meets ingenuity.

On a final note: Having lived here since 2013, After all these 8yrs I can honestly say that if there is a place I see myself spend another 8yrs it will be here in Abu Dhabi.

About the authour:

Bhupendar Singh is a famous photographer in Abu Dhabi, as a licensed photographer he has been serving up professional photography services for years in Abu Dhabi.

Equipped with insatiable wanderlust and experienced enough to capture any image on the camera, Bhupendar Singh Photography and Videography is ready to leap into action to get those moments captured beautifully.

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