Why I love living in Abu Dhabi, why you will love it too.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Certainly, we are living in a global village where every country could be your home. Being an international traveler, I always love to explore different terrain and territories.

Since growing up I was attracted by the middle east .

After living here for more than 8yrs I can proudly describe Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates in general - as a place where tradition meets with the modern edge!

Secure and Welcoming Place

Firstly, Abu Dhabi is a safer place than you think. Here the crime rate is meager. The police chase the criminals with their supercars, and they all are ready to lay their life for society.

You will see wide variety of people from around the world with many differences be it language, class, faith or color. But one thing is common among them and that is everyone here is helpful and generous to others. If you ever face a problem and want help, you can ask around ,local people or police are always more than willing to offer help. Yes, they will help you, and you will be astonished by their hospitality.

Tourist Friendly

Thousands of international travelers visit Abu Dhabi every year to witness the

middle east lifestyle and different exciting places. They likely visit places like- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, Observation Deck at 300, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Warner Bros World, etc. and try to join the conducted tours like-Desert Safari, Boat Tours, Mangrove Kayaking Tours, etc.

It's a place for everyone. Here people from all age groups will always find something exceptional.

Business, Food & Nature

Yes, it's a prime location

for business too. Business persons from all over the world try to start a chain business or try to keep one franchise here in Abu Dhabi. The procedure is relatively easy here, and this easiness brings business from all over the world to start a business in this exciting tourist hub.

With the local Arab style foods, you will get a glimpse of the local food style. The ways of desert cooking will keep you speechless. With different exciting local foods and a variety of all international foods, Abu Dhabi is a real food center.

With a vast mixture of mother nature's different faces, you will be able to appreciate the characteristics of Abu Dhabi. Here you can experience the rough and smooth mentality of the earth with a mighty decent touch.

Visit Abu Dhabi in 2021

I hope I was able to prove why I love living in Abu Dhabi. If you ever try living here for seven days or more, you also slowly fall in love with this place. After some days, you will also love it too for its diverse but straightforward mentality. This international attraction is a place to be in next year or any year, or at any time. Just pack your bag and book a flight to Abu Dhabi and let the party with the middle east lifestyle begin!

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