How to start as a professional photographer without going to photography school?

Earning with dignity is always a great thing for anyone. When you earn without scamming or cheating others, the moral value of your character remains high. However, there are many ways to make money online or offline.

Yet, when you have an excellent cellphone or a decent camera, you can work as a freelance photographer.

The scope in this field and photoshoot price are both hiking day by day, and you, too, can have a piece from it.


Let's discuss- how you can start as a professional photographer without going to any photography school. Let's begin!

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Gears: To start with your photography journey, you only need a good smartphone with a decent camera. Fortunately, now all smartphones are having their camera module with cutting edge technology. So you can start with your phone camera, when you are confident and know your niche, later you can buy a DSLR camera, if you want.

2. Know your equipment: You should know your camera settings well. Taking a snap with auto settings is good, but you only get the best result with the manual settings.

Quick Tip: If you are not comfortable with Manual settings, then take a photo with automatic mode, check the settings . Now go to manual settings and dial the same settings, go on clicking by changing the numbers until you find the right picture as per your mood.

Next time for the same shoot, under same climate remember your previous settings and use them in manual mode.

3. Self-education: You can learn from the internet and photography books. You can join different online photography curse and learn from that. Remember, self-education is an excellent way of learning things. It may take time, but eventually, you will start learning all the experts' tricks and tips.

4. Concept: For any photographer, holding a clear concept is a must-have element. For any freelance photographer, if they produce a better concept to the client, the photoshoot price will rise significantly.

5. Subject: After selecting a concept, you need to focus on the subject too. Without a good subject concept, any photo seems boring.

6. Model: Other peoples are also searching for ways to make money online, and a few of them are onto modeling. You can hire people as per your project for cheap if you go for the freelance models.

7. Practice: Practice makes all things perfect. So, it would be best if you practiced more and more whatever you learn from books, online or youtube tutorials. When you exercise further, you will understand the hidden concept behind some theory, and you can also modify that accordingly.

8. Other professional works: Time to time, you also need to follow other prominent freelance photographers to find out what they are doing. That way, you always remain connected with the market trends.

9. Experience: After a few months or years, when you can take good pictures or photos according to your clients, you can increase the photoshoot price. It’s because you are experienced, and there is an unspoken value of the experience for sure.

10. Mentor: Lastly, if you can have someone who can guide you through the journey, you will be much faster. A good mentor is always needed when you are up for professional learning.

As we know, there are many ways to make money online, but you can choose to be a freelance photographer, learn online, and start your business. In the beginning, you need to keep your photo shoot price low, but when you have a good experience, and you become well-known among the community, you can charge whatever you want!

I hope you found this article useful, let me know in the comment below if you have any tips that you would like to share with others.

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