The best time to post on Social Media

Our world is changing every minute and so is everything else around us. Be it the changing weather, global pandemics, political agreements between nations, living conditions, health and mental conditions; the changes between being alive and dead; there are macro changes and there are micro changes, there are major changes and there are minor changes.

But there are changes -everyday, everywhere!

The world looks forward to knowing all the changes. We look forward to knowing all the changes.

With just a click away, Social Media is the best platform to knowing these changes. The new age era is about smart gadgets and smart devices. We are just a button (virtual touch button or a hard button) away from the entire world and these smart devices concise the world to our fingertips.

The changes are taking place now, and we should be connected now to be updated about every change, about every difference that’s taking place.

Social Media is the place to be updated about everything that's taking place in our world (and in someone else’s world as well).

Social Media brings us closer to every individual, every matter, that’s otherwise perhaps continents away. Social media brings us closer to facts that are perhaps lightyears away as well and facts that are perhaps sunk in black holes!

In today's world, there's hardly anyone who doesn’t know about social media or who isn’t on social media. With multiple easy to use social media apps, and with lightning fast –affordable internet plans, people from urban areas to rural areas are social media savvy. From a child, to a grown up to an elderly, everyone resorts to social media to be connected with the world.

This fantasy world of social media, though virtual, is actually real. So why not social media?

Social media ‘gives you wings’; Social media ‘keeps you ahead’; Social media makes us ‘think different’; Social media gives us a break; Social media gives us ‘a better life, a better world’; Social media is probably ‘the happiest place on earth’; Social media is ‘everywhere we want to be’; Social media also ‘guides you home’; Social media makes us say ‘I’m loving it’!!! (Can you guess these taglines and their brands?)

How often do we flip through those newspaper pages? How often do we feel like turning the idiot box on, to listen to another news anchor screaming his lungs out to prove a point and not letting anyone else speak?

How often do we turn the radio on to hear the news? How often do we flip through the pages of a magazine to be informed of a completely unknown fact? How often do we play a cassette player and listen to a song? How often do we put a CD or a DVD and listen to music?

But don’t WE ALL do all these things by just clicking on our mobile phones (or smart devices)? Aren’t all our mobile phones equipped with social media platforms/ handles?

Newspapers are on social media.

News channels are on social media.

Radios and FMs are on social media.

Magazines/ reading materials are on social media.

Songs and music are on social media.

Movies and entertainments are on social media.

Fashion, brands, vogues, shopping are on social media.

Our favorite food, cuisines, beverages are on social media.

Parties and glamour are on social media.

Lifestyles are on social media.

Houses, apartments, villas and living spaces are on social media.

Schools and colleges and universities are on social media.

Companies and organizations and offices are on social media.

Jobs are on social media.

Our favorite film stars, sports persons and celebrities are on social media.

Politics and politicians are on social media.

Religions and beliefs are on social media.

Questions are on social media.

Answers are on social media.

You are on social media.

I am on social media.

We all are on social media.

When we haven’t seen tomorrow, let's make the most of today, and today is the genre of Social Media.

NOW is the time to be on Social Media and post on Social Media, because the only constant is CHANGE and change is happening now!

There is no good/better/best time OR bad/worse/worst time to join and post on social media, especially if you have followers across the globe, because its leisure and off-work time somewhere there in the world; its social media time somewhere out there and someone is reading your posts and gazing at your pictures and videos.

So go-ahead and POST NOW!!!

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