Why freelancing right now may be right for you.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Undeniably, 2020 has to be the most unpredictable year for everyone.

The current global issue which initially originated because of Covid19 has created a turmoil in global economy and directly impacted people with regular jobs now.

Initially during the first quarter of the year when 80% of offices were closed, staffs were asked to work from home. Schools went digital and Countries decided on nationwide lockdown our generation has ever seen.

What started as a week lockdown with weekly social media challenges and fun zoom calls went on to become a sad reality by the end of second quarter. Things were pretty clear that major changes were on its way and things are not going to get normal anytime soon.

Now at last quarter of the year the results are not cheerful. As per studies done by financial institution, 2020 has seen the unprecedented job loss, those with still job are asked to take unpaid leave and accept new contracts with lesser salary. The average salary went down significantly which nobody had every predicted.

While we all are finding our ways around with increased time at our hands, we should remember to use it productively. With years of experience and knowledge you can certainly share your skills and stay inspired by working as a freelancer.

Working on a new project and need a colleague you can hire a freelancers and continue your startup/companies.

Freelancing is a modern way of earning money while you keep the social distance truly.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is any work that is open job type for clients, rather than working for any organization or employer for a regular salary basis. It can be based on any and every skill of a person. Some examples of freelancing jobs are- photography, content creation, writing, product design, digital marketing, social media manager, graphic designer, charted accountant etc. For freelancing, freelancers need to negotiate the price of their projects based on different variables.

Who are the freelancers?

A person who performs freelance jobs part-time or full time are called freelancers. They offer their services by the job, or per hour, day, etc. By seeing different internet ads or through freelancing platforms, the freelancers bid for a job and after a negotiation, they get the project and work on that to get the payment.

Why freelancing is important?

Be the boss: For a freelancer, no one is the boss except himself. The clients will come and go, but the control over the activity remains exclusive for the freelancer.

Wide job choice: Anyone who has some specific sharp skills can be a freelancer and find jobs. Freelancing can be possible for the offline and online world. Offline work means- photography, video editing, part-time dancer, modeling, etc. The online freelancing profile is huge and some crucial jobs like- SMM, SEO, content writer, content manager, digital marketing, YouTuber, etc are notable.

Flexibility: Skilled personal are now focusing on freelancing because of the flexibility of this way of earning. It's not 9-am to a 5-pm job, so do the work whenever you want. the goal is to finish the project properly within the time limit.

Liberation: The 'freelance content' means, you can get jobs from anywhere of the continent and globe. Working freelance international and earn the dollar, pound, yen, etc and boost your economy.

Downsides of freelancing:

Negotiation: When clients hire freelancers, they try to lower the cost. So, being a freelancer you have to run through laborious negotiation with the client for the project valuation.

Scammers: There are always some cheaters present, so being a freelancer; you need to watch for them. The safe idea is to get the client through any reputed 3rd party website, where you get the assurance of the final payment.

Late payment: Sometimes, due to international payment processing and multiple payment gateways, the earning takes a bit longer to display in your bank account.

Lastly, if you are a lazy person, then freelancing is not for you. Clients don't like to hire freelancers who are lazy and don't deliver accordingly. But if you have a set of skills, and like to continuously work and stay productive then freelancing scope is huge. Be your boss; only you are the obstacle between the client and the money. Solve it and be the king or queen of freelancing!

Are you inspired to be a freelancer now? What is something that you have which you can share with the world?

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